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Galvanized Steel Cable


Galvanized steel cable is a kind of iron and steel products twist together with galvanized steel wire.
There are four section structure including 1×3,1×7,1×19,1×37.

Characteristic of galvanized steel cable:
1)Good flexibility
2)Good stability
3)Good reliability
4)High strength

Technological requirement of galvanized steel cable:
1.Steel wire (including central wire) should be the same diameter, the same strength, the same level of zinc.
2.diameter and twist pitch should be uniform cut loose.
3.Steel wire should be tightly twisted should be staggered, breaking and bending.
4.Steel cable should be straight, soft, small residual stress expansion should not be s-shaped.
5.No joint for 1×3 structure and overhead ground wire, steel wire connector of other types should use butt, the spacing between any two joint shall not be less than 50m joints should do anti-corrosion treatment.

Surface quality of galvanized steel cable:
1.Steel surface should not be stacked marks, scratches, broken, crushed and hard bending defects.
2.Surfaces must be free of oil, dirt, water and other impurities.
3.Galvanized wire surface layer split should be uniform and continuous, no cracks and spalling. But the surface of the zinc layer is allowed to have a small amount of flash point and white thin layer and color difference.

Application of galvanized steel cable:
Widely used for messenger cable, guy wire, core wire or strength member, can also be used as earth wire/ground wire, barrier cable on both sides of the road ,structure cable in building structure.

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