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Production Process Of Stainless Steel Wire


Production flow chart of stainless steel wire:

Wire rod—–surface treatment—-drawing—–Solid solution treatment—–drawing—–

1)wire rod:After purchasing material from mill,need to do some checking including surface(If there are cracks, scarring, folding, ear defects), size,mechanical properties and spot check chemical composition for different heat number

2)surface treatment:Wire rod or wire after solid solution treatment with coating agent after drying, coating agent is the formation of a rough and porous carrier layer, can absorb and carry on the surface of steel wire drawing powder, wire drawing with this layer of lubrication vector drawing powder into the mold.

3)drawing:make strength to meet the requirements of the standard or customer’s requirements by cold working.Before drawing, calculate the total surface reduction rate and determine size according to the cold working hardening coefficient.Finished products need to be drawn times.
The use of wire drawing die: general line above the finished size more than or equal to 2.0mm hard alloy die, wire diameter < 2.0mm by diamond model
Use of wire drawing powder:2 or 3 die using calcium soap wire drawing powder,others use Sodium soap.

4 Solid solution treatment:heating the wire to 1100 – 1000 degrees Celsius by use of tube furnace.Rapid quench water cooling after thermal insulation for a period of time to eliminate the work hardening. Solid solution treatment of steel wire is dissolved in a continuous process.

4)Inspection:The packaging workers separate qualified and unqualified products according to the QC results. Before packing, count the quantity, check grade, the steel furnace number, specifications, and written signs. And then use the packing machine, packaging packaging products according to different requirements, to ensure that the product is not loose during transportation.

5)storage:Packaging products in a timely manner to storage, storage must be accurate and weighed by the warehouse information check member object.

The whole production process of stainless steel meet the requirement of the quality management system.

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