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Heat treatment pickling surface 304 stainless steel plate

Posted on 周四, 26 1月 2017 07:34:55 +0000

304 stainless steel surface quality is good or bad, mainly depends on the pickling process after heat treatment, if the heat treatment process before the formation of the surface thickness of the skin thickness, or tissue is not uniform, then pickling and can not improve the surface finish and u...

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Heat Treatment of Stainless Steel Plate

Posted on 周三, 25 1月 2017 03:53:54 +0000

Question 1: What color stainless steel decorative plate with the most? Question 2: plate heat treatment, what are the main content? The above two questions are on the stainless steel plate, but also the probability of more problems, so below, we have to answer these two questions to help you a...

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Water cutting of stainless steel plate

Posted on 周二, 24 1月 2017 06:14:00 +0000

Stainless steel plate cutting many ways, and water cutting is one of them, today, we have to talk about the cutting of steel in the water cutting, so that more people know that it exists, more people to understand It, promote the popularization of some knowledge of the steel plate cutting. Wat...

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Mirror stainless steel plate welding

Posted on 周一, 23 1月 2017 05:41:29 +0000

Mirror stainless steel plate in the use of the time should pay attention to what problems? Generally speaking, the mirror panel is often used with the building lobby walls or columns are more, the welding is not responsible for the renovation process will increase, so the use of the process ne...

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hot sale 904L Stainless steel tube

Posted on 周日, 22 1月 2017 06:05:10 +0000

Characteristic carbon content of 904L is very low (maximum 0.020%), so in the case of general heat treatment and welding, there will be no carbide precipitation. This eliminates the risk of intergranular corrosion occurring after general heat treatment and welding. Due to the high chromium-nicke...

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201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel

Posted on 周五, 20 1月 2017 08:09:53 +0000

   Ordinary life, the application of stainless steel is very extensive. Commonly used stainless steel sheet is divided into 201 and 304 two models. The following Mogo metal to tell you how to distinguish between stainless steel 201 and 304 stainless steel. 1, composition: stainless steel 201 che...

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Professional custom 304 stainless steel tube

Posted on 周四, 19 1月 2017 05:43:13 +0000

   The elongation of 304 stainless steel tube is small, the modulus of elasticity E is large, the hardening index is high, and the value of r-value of anisotropy index is very small (0.9-0.111 for 304 stainless steel and 1.3-2.0 for mild steel). 304 stainless steel tube from the yield to break t...

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304 stainless steel rope from China supplier

Posted on 周三, 18 1月 2017 04:00:07 +0000

   Item: 304 stainless steel rope Domestic: 0 cr18ni9 America: 304, Japan: SUS304 Germany: X5Cr – Ni18.9 The chemical composition % C: 0.07 or less Si: 1.0 Mn or less: 2.0 or less Cr: 17.0 ~ 19.0 Ni: 8.0 ~ 11.0 Mo, Cu, Ti: S: 0.03 or less P: 0.035 or less. Physical properties: Hardness HB...

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Mirror polished stainless steel plate

Posted on 周二, 17 1月 2017 03:35:58 +0000

   At present, the mirror plate polishing mainly shallow polishing and deep (mirror) polishing two forms: A. Shallow polishing: the use of coarse sand or abrasive belt (referred to as "accumulation of abrasive"), the use of high-speed rotation and direct contact with the board way, so ...

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Different specifications of stainless steel plate

Posted on 周一, 16 1月 2017 06:24:36 +0000

   Super-sized stainless steel plate refers to the size of (width ≥ 1800mm, thickness ≥ 6mm) within the stainless steel sheet. In recent years, with the mirror stainless steel plate is applied to more and more areas, for the choice of mirror stainless steel range from the original “thin na...

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High quality galvanized coil manufacturers

Posted on 周五, 13 1月 2017 03:46:59 +0000

   Galvanized coil specifications tailored Want to find galvanized coil specifications that meet your requirements? Looking for jawaysteel can help. Jawaysteel galvanized coil is from the larger domestic steel orders, the original warranty, each volume of steel can be on the warranty book, relia...

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Pre-painted galvalumed and galvanized steel coil

Posted on 周四, 12 1月 2017 03:40:29 +0000

   Pre-painted Steel (PPGI/PPGL) combines beautiful colors, corrosion resistance and the strength of the steel to create the most versatile steel product. It is suitable for a wide of applications such as roofing, sidings and casing for electrical appliances. PPGI/PPGL minimum thickness can be 0...

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