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Mirror polished stainless steel plate

AISI-304-Stainless-Steel-Sheet-Mirror-Finish   AISI-304-Stainless-Steel-Sheets-Mirror-Finish

At present, the mirror plate polishing mainly shallow polishing and deep (mirror) polishing two forms:

A. Shallow polishing: the use of coarse sand or abrasive belt (referred to as "accumulation of abrasive"), the use of high-speed rotation and direct contact with the board way, so that the surface of stainless steel oxide is quickly removed, revealing metallic bright colors. However, due to the shallow polishing because of its abrasive and stainless steel surface large area of ​​work, and no fine repair polishing the subsequent process, and most of the shallow polished stainless steel residues are more than 6mm for all types of hot-rolled stainless steel sheet, so its The surface can not achieve similar mirror effect (generally only close to the 2D or close to the BA surface).

mirror polished stainless steel plate

B. Deep (mirror) polishing: In the shallow polishing, based on the use of special materials, stainless steel grinding disc surface to fine grinding and repair process, the disc work, polishing equipment, speed, abrasive materials and general Of the sheet (or cold-rolled sheet) is different. Deep polishing is more suitable for single or multiple grinding disc unit way to repeatedly grinding and polishing to achieve the final mirror effect.

At present, more suitable for the hot-rolled plate polishing material 304 / No.1,202 / No.1,316 L / No.1,321 / No.1, etc., the final surface polishing effect can be close to the BA or 6K surface.

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