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Best high strength 304 stainless steel plate

304 stainless steel plate plasticity is poor. Austenitic stainless steel has a high strength but a high coefficient of thermal expansion, including poor welding during the casting process.

Reducing the carbon content and nitrogen content can significantly improve the formability, under certain conditions can improve the deep drawing performance. For example, SUS430 r = 1.0, while the low carbon SUS430D r = 1.6, and the elongation can be stabilized at more than 30%. The r value of YUS436S is significantly improved.


In particular, these new ferrite stainless steels can be machined under suitable stamping conditions, unlike large SUS304 rolls through large diameter rolls.

Ultra-thin transparent Fe-Cr alloy has good formability, and can be in the chromium content of 18% stainless steel to obtain greater than 36% elongation.

With the production and processing of 304 stainless steel plate, processing methods from cutting to forging, with the development of new stainless steel SUSMX7, has a good cold forging performance. It is also open to add S, Pb, Se to cut the critical compression ratio of stainless steel and new steel.

Recently eastasiametal is working on lubricating stainless steel plates. Steel coated with an organic coating on the surface can be molded without a lubricant or protective layer and is expected to be used with improved conditions and reduced production costs.

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