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How to buy stainless steel plate trilogy

1910 ~ 1914 was born in the organization were martensite, ferrite and austenitic stainless steel plate has existed for more than 100 years of history. Which has the following advantages:

1, the surface beautiful, clean, high finish;
2, good corrosion resistance, longer than ordinary steel durable;
3, high temperature oxidation and high strength, it can be anti-fire;
4, room temperature processing, that is easy to plastic processing;
5, welding performance is good.

As the supplier’s products are mixed, there are always some consumers to buy a poor quality stainless steel plate. Next, let the water Tianfu stainless steel to teach you the purchase of stainless steel plate 4 points.


Point 1: observe the metal surface

Because the color stainless steel plate is mainly used for architectural decoration, so ornamental is particularly important. Consumers in the inspection, the need for strict checks to observe whether the surface color, scratches, trachoma, peeling water marks and other issues.


Point 2: Identify the surface coloring process

Stainless steel surface coloring process will affect the price level. Water-plated coloring: give people untrue, not delicate feeling, like spraying up, but also produce waste water pollution, the price is low. Vacuum coloring: relatively environmentally friendly, will not produce toxic or contaminated substances, and thus relatively high prices.


Point 3: the quality of the film

The surface of a colored stainless steel plate is usually affixed with a protective film to ensure the finish of the surface and to avoid scratching by hard objects. Poor quality of the protective film, put a long time, there will be powder phenomenon, it is difficult to tear, or tear on the surface will stick a lot of glue. Inspection, it is recommended to tear a large area to check the quality of the film.


Point 4: distinguish material

Color stainless steel plate on the market commonly used materials are divided into 201,304,316 and other models. In these models, 316 of the best corrosion resistance, and the worst is 201, the price difference is also relatively large. So some bad businessmen often use 201 instead of 304 and 316. There are some businesses, will use water-plated coloring process to replace the vacuum ion plating process, resulting in a lot of architectural decoration works to install stainless steel plate, the surface color drop, rust or even fracture problems.

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