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stainless steel square tube

stainless steel square tube

We are one of the biggest manufacturers in China specialize in stainless steel products for more than 20 years. Our products always respected with high quality, low price and good quality. Our company own advanced producing technology and equipments.

Stainless steel square tube is a kind of long steel, it’s called square tube because of it is section part is a square. Stainless steel square tube can be used all kinds of application which depend on it is features. Such as, it is used for coil industry, Gas and Steam etc. stainless steel square tube have divided into several types, for example, it includes seamless tube and welded tube. According to it is section parts can be divided into different shapes. The application widest is round tube.

stainless steel square tube if rusted depend on the CR content inside, when the CR content is up to 12,it is well prevent from oxidizing again. Because the feature, it makes the stainless steel square bar has bright surface. Stainless steel Square tube specifications is usually include:5 * 5 ~ 150 * 150mm thickness: 0.4 ~ 6.0 mm Stainless steel Square tube material usually include 304,304L, TP304, TP316L, 316,316L, 316Ti, 321,347H, 310S etc.

Our company founded in 1998 with long history and strong technology, if you are interested in our products please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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