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stainless steel sheets price rising


Jawaysteel,a professional manufacturer of stainless steel sheets, specialized in stainless steel production and business enterprises, the main products are: stainless steel plate, stainless steel coil, stainless steel decorative pattern plate, material has 201, 202, 304, 202 l, 304 h, 316, 316 l, 316 ti, 309, 310 s, 321, 409, 321 l, 410, 420, 447 h, 347 h, 347 f, 430250, 7 (S32750) 2205 (S31803) (N8904) duplex stainless steel 904L etc.

Since middle November 2016, coal prices rising continued to have a fever temporarily dormant. Under the coal price rising, the raw material of 304 stainless steel sheets prices driven by spot steel prices and the emergence of continuous rising trend. According to the statistical data of my stainless steel net “, till to Nov.28th, the Shanghai area of single screw steel price week Rose 310 RMB / ton.

On Nov.28th,304 stainless steel sheets price from benchmark Platts 62 pct, 304 stainless steel sheets index rose to 81.65 U.S. dollars / ton, refresh 2 years high record. And in early January this year, 304 stainless steel sheets prices had bottomed out less than 40 dollars / ton, far from the beginning of 304, price of stainless steel plates like coal achieved double the price “counter attack”.

In the optimistic expectations for the China stainless steel sheets production capacity huge demand, Rio is brewing on 2017 to reporters Chinese steel enterprises supply iron ore products prices.21 century economic report recently learned that in China stainless steel companies and overseas Iron Ore Co new long association contract negotiations, Rio began to take a new pricing way: in based on the pricing of the Platts index, plus a few cents per ton $-1 a month, as a long association price.

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