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Stainless steel cold heading wire


0.08% -0.15% of C; 0.01% -0.60% of Si; 0.02% -0.60% of Mn; 0.01% -0.03% of P; 0.002% -0.03% of the S of the stainless steel cold wire composition; ; 12% to 14% Cr; 0.8% to 1.5% Mo and the balance Fe.

The preparation method comprises the following steps: carrying out molten steel smelting according to the chemical composition requirements; hot rolling; annealing and pickling to obtain stainless steel plate material; coating and drying; cold drawing; cleaning and drying using neutral activator; quenching; tempering ; Coating and drying; pull made of stainless steel cold pier wire. This high-performance stainless steel cold wire energy-saving environmental protection, with high corrosion resistance, high flexibility and high toughness. The preparation method and the process are advanced and simple, and the production cost is low. Stainless steel cold wire is usually more than 1.0mm in diameter, commonly used in nuts, screws, washers, brackets, bolts and other manufacturing. Low processing stress; excellent surface quality; good work hardening, low die loss rate, cold forging after the lower magnetic properties, and so on.

Commonly used materials are: 201,202,302,304,316,302 HQ, 304HC, 316L

Features: First, high dimensional accuracy, up to ± 0.01mm; Second, the surface quality, good brightness; Third, a strong corrosion resistance, tensile strength and high fatigue strength; Fourth, the chemical composition of stable, Quality pure, low inclusion content; packaging intact, price concessions; 5, not easy to headshot.


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