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Stainless steel cold heading wire use


Stainless steel cold heading wire is mainly used to make screws, bolts and other fasteners.

Stainless steel cold heading wire Refers to stainless steel cold heading steel wire, mainly austenitic stainless steel, low yield strength. Cold heading steel requires a low deformation resistance and good plasticity.

Stainless steel cold heading wire 200 series stainless steel and 300 series stainless steel, both are austenitic stainless steel. Impact of cold heading steel wire main performance in two ways:

1) is the annealing process, the annealing process is different, the stainless steel is different, and different organizations affect the cold forming properties of materials.

2) is the alloy composition of stainless steel system, different elements will affect the material added to the organization and performance. For example, low carbon content will reduce the strength of the material, for cold forming is very important for low yield strength. 200 series of 200Cu, 300 series of 304HC is 200,304 on the basis of the addition of alloying elements Cu, thereby enhancing the cold heading of the material.

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