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stainless steel coil supplier

We are original manufacturer specialize in stainless steel coil in China since from 1998.

Brief Introduction of stainless steel coil:
Stainless steel coil devided into austenitic, ferritic, martensitic, duplex (ferritic – austenitic) stainless steel cold rolled coil and hot rolled coil.
stainless steel coil(Stainless Steel strip): Or call roll, roll, coil, the coil is called more, the hardness of the strip, there are many, ranging from tens to hundreds of former customers purchase must first determine which handy hardness (8K mirror brightness) coil width uncertain, there is:… 30mm.60mm.45mm.80mm.100mm.200mm points, etc. can also be based on customer requirements.

stainless steel coil from China supplier

Implementation of standards
GB / T4238, ASTM / ASME, JIS G4305, EN 10088, BS EN10028, GB / T3280, GB / T4237

Stainless HRC: Thickness 1.5-15 width 1000 or 1219 or 1500 or 1800 or 2000 (including flash)
Stainless steel cold rolled coils: thickness 0.3-3.0 width of 1000 or 1219 or 1500 (including flash)
Stainless steel cold rolled coil: Thickness 0.1-3.0 width of 500 or 1600 (including flash)

Surface Description
After heat treatment and pickling treatment after hot rolling N0.1.
2B cold rolled after heat treatment, pickling or the like, and finally, after obtaining the appropriate level of gloss.
2D heat treatment after cold rolling, pickling, or similar process or matte surface.
3 # 100 to # 200 abrasive belt grinding out product.
4 # 150 to # 180 abrasive belt grinding out product.
HL appropriate size of the abrasive polishing material, the surface of a continuous grinding grain.

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stainless steel coil supplier

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