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Stainless steel checked plate


The advantages of the Stainless steel checked plate is the visual beauty, good quality, easy to clean, maintenance-free, anti-compression, anti-scratch and do not leave fingerprints, stained stainless steel tread plate material, color pattern or decorative aesthetics are more Grade, the current color stainless steel decorative plate surface decorative effect is generally custom processing plant is processed by two methods of production.

1, through the stainless steel surface in the physical embossing method, which was also called the embossed. Checked stainless steel is what we see the surface of a small diamond-shaped, cubes, squares, panda grain of this stainless steel plate. After embossing to go flat, we have to see the pattern of stainless steel plate. Embossed stainless steel it feels positive touch, but the back is not, but left a positive traces.

2, through the stainless steel surface in the chemical etching method. Etching is in the stainless steel surface by chemical agents to make the effect of rugged, or some text, graphics. Generally do the etching of the plate have been pre-processing, custom processing in color stainless steel plate can go to the first color etching, etching can also do the first color. Etching and embossing may sometimes do the same effect, but the etching pattern is relatively more, the depth of the etching can be pressed out than the depth of pressure to deep, and the back of the etching plate is no trace of positive patterns.

Water TiFu Stainless steel checked plate in doing a good job after the pre-pattern processing, custom processing plants also need to do titanium plating will have a variety of colors of stainless steel sheet metal, such as gold, black, rose gold, bronze, etc. , The most advanced equipment is called titanium plating PVD vacuum ion plating coating machine. However, embossed stainless steel because it is the whole volume pressure, so the pressure is finished flat plate go plating color.


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