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Stainless Steel Angle Bar


We are the original manufacturers specialize for stainless steel products for more than 18 years, including stainless steel angle bar, stainless steel angler bar is one of our advantage products in stainless steel districts.

Stainless steel angle bar has widely applications in our lives, it be used for different district according to different needs, Stainless steel angle bar can consist of different parts according to it’s structure. It also can be used for all kinds of construction, such as, bridge, boat and warehouse etc. stinless steel angle bar surface is pickled, stainless steel angle bar also can be divided into two types, one is they have same edge, this is called euilateral angle, and another is called unequal angle bar.

Stainless steel angle bar surface usually has specific requirements in standard, such as, it can’t be use crack and layered stainless steel angle bar, it has high require in many industries, stainless steel angle bar also has many deviations in application. Such as, the edge width and the edge thick.

Our company founded in 1998 with long history and strong technology, if you are interested in our products please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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