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Q345c hot-rolled plate

Hot-rolled stainless steel plate is relatively low strength, the surface quality is almost (oxidation \ finish low), but good plasticity, usually plate, cold rolled plate: high strength \ high hardness, high surface finish, generally thin plate, Stamping board ·

The straight hair volume by cutting, tail cutting, trimming and multi-pass straightening, leveling and other finishing line processing, and then cut or re-roll, that is: hot-rolled stainless steel, Slitting belt and other products.

If the hot-rolled finishing roll after pickling to remove the oxide coating and oiled into a hot-rolled pickling coil. The product has the tendency of partial replacement of cold-rolled plate, affordable, loved by the majority of users.

Several uses of hot rolled stainless steel
1, structural steel Production of general structural steel and welded structural steel, mainly for steel structures, bridges, ships, vehicles production.
2, weathering steel Add special elements (P, Cu, C, etc.), has good corrosion resistance and atmospheric corrosion resistance, for containers, special vehicles for the production, but also for building structures.
3, automotive structural steel has a good DRAWING performance and welding performance of high-strength steel for automotive FRAME, WHEEL and other production.
4, Hot-rolled special steel General mechanical structure with carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, after heat treatment for a variety of mechanical parts production. 5, cold-rolled original plate for the production of cold-rolled products, including CR, GI, Cai Tuban.


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