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precipitation of stainless steel punching net

We should not pay attention to the processing of stainless steel punching net products, the product processing area should be relatively fixed. Stainless steel perforated mesh processing area of ​​the platform should be taken to isolate, such as covered with rubber pads and so on. Stainless steel product processing area of ​​the set of governance, regular inspection should be strengthened to avoid damage to the product and pollution. Stainless steel punching net cutting to take cutting or plasma cutting, sawing and so on.


1. Shear: Shear, should be separated from the stent, the hopper should also be covered with rubber pad, to avoid scratches. After the plasma is cut, the slag should be cleaned. Batch cutting, for the finished parts should be promptly cleaned up the scene, in order to avoid the waste residue on the workpiece of the insult. Saw cutting, the clamping should be rubber protection, after cutting should be cleaned on the workpiece oil, residue and so on.

2. Machining: products in the car, milling and other mechanical processing should also pay attention to protection, homework should be cleaned up clean the outside of the oil, iron and other debris. In the coil, bending process, should take an effective way to avoid the appearance of perforated mesh scratches and creases.

3. Welding: products in the group when, should avoid forced assembly, in particular, to avoid the flame baked school assembly. Group or manufacturing process if the temporary use of plasma cutting, isolation should be taken to avoid residue on other stainless steel parts of the pollution. After cutting, the residue on the workpiece should be clean. Before welding, remove the surface of the oil, rust, dust and other debris. Welding as much as possible to take argon welding, to take manual arc welding should take a small current, fast welding, to avoid swing.

Do not arc in the non-welding area, ground position appropriate, stable connection to avoid arc scratches. Welding should be taken to prevent splashing. After welding the stainless steel flat shovel thoroughly clean the slag and splash. In the case of multi-layer welding, the interlayer slag must be cleaned. Multi-layer welding, should control the inter-layer temperature, generally not across 60 ℃. Weld joints should be grinding, the weld may not have slag outside, stomata, undercut, splash, crack, not fused, not penetration and other shortcomings, weld and base metal should be smooth transition, not less than the base metal.

4. Handling: the product in the processing process for handling, the application of transport objects, and should be clean and have isolation protection methods to prevent dust, oil, rust pollution of stainless steel. It is strictly forbidden to procrastinate directly on the platform or on the ground.

  5. Orthopedic: orthopedic products should be avoided to take the flame heating method, in particular, do not allow repeated heating the same area. Orthopedic, try to take mechanical assembly, or hammer or pad rubber pad hammering, banned hammer with a hammer to avoid damage to punching mesh products.


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