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Posted on 周四, 27 9月 2018 10:49:17 +0000

JawaySteel Co., Ltd. is located in Dainan Town, the stainless steel capital of China, adjacent to the Ningjingyan Expressway. The transportation is very convenient. JawaySteel main products: stainless steel angle steel, stainless steel flat steel, stainless steel profile, stainless steel channel...

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JawaySteel Corporate Culture

Posted on 周二, 25 9月 2018 10:56:04 +0000

JawaySteel Corporate Culture   JawaySteel’s business philosophy: a promise, mutual benefit, quality and eternal quality.   JawaySteel named the last word of “One promise, mutual benefit, and eternal quality” as the company’s name. It has already metaphorized the company̵...

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Posted on 周五, 21 9月 2018 11:41:40 +0000

Founded in 1998, JawaySteel is located in Dainan, Jiangsu, which is known as the stainless steel capital of China. It has grown into one of the largest metal suppliers and exporters in China. JawaySteel relies on professional service concept and operates a large number of domestic first-line manu...

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About JawaySteel

Posted on 周五, 14 9月 2018 11:09:13 +0000

Founded in 1998, JawaySteel has grown to become the largest producer and manufacturer of metal products in mainland China. Product material: mainly 201, 202, 301, 303, 303F, 303CU, 304, 304F, 304L, 309S, 310S, 316, 316L, and duplex stainless steel 2205, 2506, 2507 and so on. Main products: stai...

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JawaySteel- a supplier of metal products around you

Posted on 周四, 13 9月 2018 11:03:47 +0000

JawaySteel company founded in 1998, is a professional manufacturer and global exporter specializing in metal manufacture and exportation. JawaySteel company plant now covers a land area of ​​18000 square meters, with 160 employees and 19 technicians. JawaySteel main products are: stainless stee...

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We Are JawaySteel Company

Posted on 周三, 12 9月 2018 10:50:31 +0000

About JawaySteel Company JawaySteel Company mainly produces and sells stainless steel plates, alloy tubes and high-pressure boiler tubes. The annual inventory of stainless steel plates of various specifications is more than 1,000 tons. The main products are 316, 316l, 310s, 316f, 303cu, 630, 303...

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Jawaysteel Corporation, Stainless Steel Bars Supplier from china

Posted on 周一, 10 9月 2018 09:45:01 +0000

Jawaysteel Corporation,stainless steel bars supplier from China,founded in 1998, is a professional manufacturer and global exporter specializing in metal manufacture and exportation. In recent years, winged by rapid merge and expansion,Our well-equipped plant emerged in Dainan, Jiangsu Province, ...

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What should be paid attention to when welding 316L stainless steel welded pipe

Posted on 周五, 07 9月 2018 10:14:56 +0000

The requirements of stainless steel welded pipe welding technology are directly related to the quality of stainless steel welded pipe. The welding of 316L stainless steel welded pipe is good or bad. The mouth of the pipe is very important. Today we will talk about the importance of the groove bef...

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Cold rolling and cold drawing process of stainless steel pipe by JawaySteel

Posted on 周五, 07 9月 2018 10:09:29 +0000

Stainless steel pipes can be divided into stainless steel welded pipes and stainless steel seamless pipes. Stainless steel welded pipes and stainless steel seamless pipes can be processed by cold working – cold rolling and cold drawing to achieve higher cold processed products. Let’s ...

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What is stainless steel edging

Posted on 周四, 06 9月 2018 10:18:04 +0000

In general, the materials selected for stainless steel edging are nothing more than two kinds, one is the finished profile, the large showcase factory has complete materials, and the variety of finished products is often able to be stainless edging according to the finished profile, so the produc...

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How to control the precision of stainless steel welded pipe

Posted on 周四, 06 9月 2018 10:12:59 +0000

Stainless steel welded pipe refers to steel pipe with strict inner and outer diameter dimensional accuracy (tolerance range), good internal and external surface finish, roundness, straightness and uniform wall thickness. The main technical indexes of stainless steel welded pipe produced by this t...

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Brushed stainless steel tube

Posted on 周三, 05 9月 2018 10:03:26 +0000

The most common on the market is a mirrored or bright stainless steel tube with a smooth and shiny surface. The drawing tube is a matte finish on the surface of a shiny stainless steel tube, which is a commonly used surface treatment. The stainless steel wire drawing tube is also called a matt st...

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