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Jawaysteel corporation is a professional manufacturer and global exporter specializing in stainless bars since 1998.If you would like to find a trustworthy stainless steel bar manufacturer and exporter.We are glad to show one of our successful trade case as below for your reference.

Buyer’s Nationality

Order details
1.Specification:AISI316 stainless steel flat bar

  • Size:8mm*60.8mm
  • Quantity:9tons
  • Lenght:3meters

2.Specification:AISI304 stainless steel round bar

  • Diameter:50.8mm
  • Quantity:12Tons
  • Lenght:4meters

3.Specification:AISI304 stainless steel round bar

  • Diameter:40.4mm
  • Quantity:4Tons
  • Lenght:6meters

Price term:FOB Shanghai port,China
Delivery time:15 days after order and deposit receipt.

Business process
Our customer ordered total 25tons stainless steel bars from our company in January 7 ,2018.The products were delivered to shanghai port in January 26,2018.And the ship arrived at Gdansk port in February 24,2018.Our customer inspected the product and took sample for testing chemical composition. The actual chemical composition did meet the contract requirements.

Customer Recommendation
This company can be trusted whose price is competitive and products are in good quality.

Products picture in factory
Flat bar

Flat bar

Round bar

Round bar

Products packing

Products packing


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