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Stainless steel coil abroad generally used to protect the gas without oxidation continuous heat treatment furnace, in the heat treatment and the final heat treatment. Since it is possible to obtain an oxide-free surface.
In the Ritter stainless steel coil manufacturers view, according to the current trend of the development of the world, bright continuous heat treatment furnace is basically divided into three types:

(1) Roller bright heat treatment furnace.
A large number of stainless steel coil heat treatment, hourly output of more than 1 ounce. Can be equipped with convection cooling system, quick cooling stainless steel coil.
(2) net with a bright heat treatment furnace.
This furnace is suitable for small diameter thin-walled precision stainless steel coil, the hourly output is about 0.3 ~ 1.0t, the length of the coil up to 40m, after such a stainless steel heat treatment without scratches, good brightness.

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