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1. first is the stainless steel pipe in the preservation of the time must be avoided and corrosive chemicals together, if the leakage will be on the stainless steel pipe erosion and damage. In the case of

2. stainless steel tube should also be kept in the storage of long time immersed in water, stainless steel corrosion is very slow, but if the time contact with water or will affect the quality. The purpose of ventilation is to avoid long-term stainless steel pipe in the humid air, can be jawaygrouptimely ventilation, then you can drain the moisture. Of course, rain should try to do the work of rain. In the case of


Stainless steel tubes themselves have relatively high strength, so they are usually stacked with stacking. But in the code when the time to comply with certain principles, otherwise it may make steel pipe damage.

Or access to the time to bring inconvenience. The first principle of putting stainless steel tubes is stability and safety. The bottom of the stainless steel pipe pallet should be protected, preferably with a base made of wood, to allow the steel pipe to come into direct contact with the ground.

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