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hot – dip galvanized sheet in stock

hot-dipped-galvanized-steel-sheet Hot-Dipped-Galvanized-Steel-Sheets

Many customers often consult the hot galvanized sheet and cold galvanized sheet What is the difference, in the end which is good, this article on the hot galvanized sheet to do a detailed distinction between the introduction, hoping to bring to you help. Hot galvanized sheet and cold galvanized sheet in the manufacturing process, physical properties, chemical energy.

1. Zinc-plated zinc layer is generally thicker, about 10um or more, anti-corrosion ability. So it is a commonly used galvanizing process, while the electro-galvanized (electro-galvanized is cold galvanized) is very thin, about 3 -5um, hot-plated surface rough, bright, serious zinc flowers, electroplating is smooth, gray (hair pollution).

Galvanized steel plate with good processing performance.However, the coating is thinner, corrosion resistance than hot-dip galvanized sheet.Gold cold galvanizing is the electro-galvanized, very little galvanized, only the outer wall of galvanized (hot dip – – both inside and outside plating), only 10-50g / m2, its own corrosion resistance than hot galvanized a lot worse.

Hot – dip galvanized sheet in stock

(2) hot-dip galvanized sheet and galvanized sheet in the amount of galvanized there is a big difference. Hot-dip galvanizing of the amount of zinc can not be too small, generally the smallest double-sided 50 ~ 60g / m2, up to 600g / m2. The electro-galvanized sheet galvanized layer can be very thin, the minimum of 15g / m2, but requires thick coating, then the production line speed is very slow, not suited to the characteristics of the modern unit process, generally up to 100g / m2. Because of this, the production of galvanized sheet is very limited.

3. Chemical generally more galvanized for small parts; hot dip galvanized generally used for electrical equipment and components for large parts and equipment.

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