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Hot 310S stainless steel pipe

Stainless steel pipe painting is the stainless steel tube brush on a layer of other colors, and we choose to paint the stainless steel tube, never choose stainless steel mirror tube, which is why? Here I analyze for you:

Stainless steel mirror tube surface is smooth, when painted is not easy to color, and even if the color is also very easy to fade, so usually do not choose to use stainless steel mirror tube for painting. In the case of

stainless steel
Thickness Χ wide χ long Χ7.93
Such as 2.0 Χ1.22 Χ2.44 Χ7.93 = 47.2kg / Zhang
stainless steel pipe
(Outside diameter – wall thickness) Χ wall thickness Χ0.02491
Such as (57-3.5) Χ3.5Χ0.02491 = 4.66kg / m
Stainless steel round bar
Diameter Χ diameter Χ0.00623
Such as 18 Χ18Χ0.00623 = 2.02kg / m


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