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Galvanized steel wire

Galvanized steel wire is made based on the high quality low carbon steel as raw materials, processing procedures such as drawing, galvanized. Galvanized steel wire after forming in the plating layer on the corrosion on the surface, materials, electricity galvanized wire with galvanized layer is strong, strong corrosion resistance, galvanized layer etc, the products are widely used in building, highway fence, embroider, netting, and other industries; Including the characteristics of binding wire flexibility is good, not easy to break, is one of the most ideal binding wire in construction industry, mainly adopts cold low zinc plating process of steel wire. A thread steel wire arts and crafts, the use of special processing, no breakage, uniform zinc on bright.

Galvanized steel wire

The types of galvanized steel wire including hot galvanizing steel wire and electric galvanized steel wire. This is actually the biggest difference between two kinds of zinc, so the color difference is obvious, you can distinguish them from the color, the color of the cold galvanizing is a little yellow in white, hot dip galvanized steel wire color is bright white.

Galvanized steel wire supply

The production process of galvanized steel wire: high quality low carbon steel wire rod – inspection – pre clear – skim – cleaning – pickling, acid – leaching solvent – dry – hot dip zinc – in addition to more than zinc – – cleaning – cooling and purification of self-check renovation – inspection – qualified factory. Zinc wire has good toughness and elasticity, with galvanized layer is thick and homogeneous, strong corrosion resistance characteristics. Particularly processed using hot dip galvanized processing technology with shiny properties of silk, can play the role of decoration.

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