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Galvanized steel plate surface


Because of galvanized steel plate surface is silvery white, also called "White metal surface", is made from ordinary galvanized steel, thickness 0.5 1.5 MM. Because of galvanized steel plate surface made by the galvanized layer of protection, the antirust function, so generally do not need to paint again. In some engineering of multiple use of galvanized steel coil, pipe (pipe) of the fan is made more convenient.

Not only used to produce duct, also used in the manufacture of fan box, the vertical hundred pages, muffler, static pressure box, etc., beautiful shape, keep the galvanized tin decorative pattern, and not easy to rust.

Galvanized steel plate surface can be devided into general spangle, small follwer spangle and zero spangle due to the plating process of galvanized sheet processing in a different way.

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