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Cheap stainless steel tube quality GB2270-80

Application and maintenance of stainless steel pipe:

Stainless steel pipes should be used when used to avoid contact with higher corrosive water and gas. In the case of

GB2270-80 stainless steel seamless steel pipe GB / T14976-94 stainless steel pipe for fluid delivery
Stainless steel tubes for structural use GB / T14975-2002

Stainless steel tubes for conveying fluids GB / T14976-2002

GB13296-91 boiler tubes, stainless steel tubes for heat exchangers

(GJB2608-96) (YB676-73)

(GJB2296-95) (YB678-71)

(YB / T679-97) (YB679-71)

(GJB2609-96) (YB680-71)

(YB / T681-97) (YB681-71)

GB3090-82 small diameter stainless steel pipe

Seamless steel tubes for high pressure boilers GB5310-2008


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