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Brushed stainless steel tube

The most common on the market is a mirrored or bright stainless steel tube with a smooth and shiny surface. The drawing tube is a matte finish on the surface of a shiny stainless steel tube, which is a commonly used surface treatment. The stainless steel wire drawing tube is also called a matt stainless steel tube.

The surface of the stainless steel pipe is drawn, and the wire drawing method can be divided into straight wire and round wire.

The drawing line from the head to the end of the pipe body of the stainless steel pipe is called stainless steel straight wire pipe. The stainless steel pipe straight wire is used for stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe square pipe, stainless steel pipe rectangular pipe and some heterogeneous pipes. It is our commonly used stainless steel pipe. The drawing method and the processing method are relatively simple, and the ordinary wire drawing machine can be completed.

The round wire can only be used on a stainless steel round tube. The direction of the round wire is different from that of the stainless steel tube. The grain is along the cross section of the stainless steel round tube.

Stainless steel round tube round wire, usually completed in the stainless steel tube production plant, ordinary wire drawing machine can not be processed, so the need for stainless steel round wire to order from the manufacturer, under normal circumstances are not in stock.

The fineness of the surface of the stainless steel wire drawing tube is determined by the number of meshing impellers. The commonly used drawing wire counts are 80 mesh, 160 mesh, 240 mesh, and 320 mesh. The higher the mesh number, the more the wire drawing will be. Shallow, it looks more delicate and softer.

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