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4×8 Sheet Stainless Steel

4x8 Sheet Stainless Steel

Stainless steel sheet refers to surface is bright and clean, have high plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength, acid, alkali gas, solution and other media corrosion. It is a kind of alloy steel which is not easy to rust, but not absolutely not rust.  According to the method,there are hot and cold rolled two stainless steel plate divided , including the plate thickness of 0.5-4 mm and 4.5-35 mm.

Cold rolling: it is the basis of the hot rolled coil rolling out, generally speaking, hot rolling, pickling, cold rolling process. Although in the processing process because of the rolling will make the steel plate heat up, even though it is still called cold. Because of the hot rolling through continuous cold rolling, the mechanical properties are relatively poor, the hardness is too high. It must be annealed to recover its mechanical properties, and no annealing is called rolling hard roll. Rolled coil is generally used to do without bending, stretching the product.

Properties :
1. due to a certain degree of processing hardening, low toughness, the price is Cold rolled steel plate more expensive.
2.There is no oxide skin on the surface of the cold rolling scale, and with good quality.
3.The products made by the cold deformation are of high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality.
4.Because of the cold rolling process it is widely used in all walks of life, such as various kinds of cold stamping parts, cold cold extrusion, cold spring roll, cold drawn wire, cold heading bolt etc..

Regarding cold rolled stainless steel sheet,the standard common size is 4×8”.

Surface and process of 4×8 sheet stainless steel:
1)2B – silver white and better than the 2D surface gloss and smooth flatness.
Processing: hot rolling + annealing shot blasting pickling + cold rolling + annealing pickling + quenching and tempering rolling.
2)BA – surface gloss is excellent, there is a high reflectivity, as the mirror surface.
Processing technology: hot rolling + annealing shot blasting pickling + cold rolling + annealing pickling + surface polishing + quenching and tempering rolling.
3)No.4 – there is a good gloss, the surface is fine lines.
Processing: 2D products or 2B with 150~180 (JIS R6002) abrasive material polishing and temper rolling.
4)HL – a silver grey and striped hair.
Processing technology: the 2D or 2B products with the appropriate size of the abrasive material for polishing the surface of a continuous grinding.
5)MIRRO – a mirror state.
Processing technology: on the 2D or 2B products with the appropriate size of the abrasive material for grinding and polishing to the mirror effect.


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