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316L stainless steel roll sale price

Stainless steel coil characteristics: suitable for the production of various furnace components, the maximum temperature of 1200 ℃, continuous use temperature 1150 ℃.

Stainless steel coil Physical properties:
1. The coefficient of thermal expansion is caused by changes in the temperature of the material. The expansion coefficient is the slope of the expansion-temperature curve.

2. Density The density of the substance is the mass per unit volume of the substance in kg / m3 or 1b / in3

3. Elastic Modulus The force required per unit area is called the elastic modulus of the Wenling stainless steel coil when the force is applied at both ends of the unit length to cause the unit to change in length. The unit is 1b / in3 or N / m3

4. Resistivity Unit Length The resistance measured between two opposite sides of the cube material, expressed in Ω · mμΩ · cm or (discarded Ω / circularmil.ft).

5. The permeability is a dimensionless coefficient that represents the level at which the material is susceptible to magnetization, the ratio of the magnetic induction intensity to the magnetic field strength.


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