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316 Stainless Steel Plate


Stainless steel plate surface smooth, high plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength, acid, alkaline gases, solutions and other media corrosion. It is an alloy steel that is not easily rusted, but it is not absolutely rust free. Stainless steel plate is resistant to atmospheric, steam and water and other weak medium corrosion of steel, and <a href="http://www.jawaygroup.com/stainless-steel/304-stainless-steel-bright-bar.html"acid-resistant steel plate refers to the acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive chemical corrosion of the steel plate.

316L stainless steel is an alloy metal steel.
Due to the addition of Mo, corrosion resistance of 316L stainless steel plate, in particular, pitting corrosion resistance is excellent ; high temperature strength is also very good; excellent work hardening (weak magnetic processing); solid-state non-magnetic.

316L stainless steel plate Grade: 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 new national standard of the brand is: 022Cr17Ni12Mo2

316L stainless steel plate Chemical composition%:

1) cold-rolled products look good gloss, beautiful;
2) due to the addition of Mo, corrosion resistance, in particular, excellent resistance to pitting corrosion;
3) Excellent high temperature strength;
4) excellent work hardening (weak magnetic processing);
5) non-magnetic solution state;
6) Relative to 304 stainless steel, the price is higher.

Now the two most commonly used stainless steel 304,316 L (or corresponding to the German / European standard 1.4308,1.4408), 316L and 304 in the chemical composition of the most important difference is 316L with Mo, and generally accepted, 316L better corrosion resistance , More than 304 in the high temperature environment is more resistant to corrosion. So in high temperature environment, engineers generally use 316L material parts.

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