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316 stainless steel annealing soft shiny wire


After annealing,the wire will be soft.Its tensile strength usually controled between 500Mpa and 700Mpa.

316 stainless steel wire can also be called stainless steel string, made of stainless steel for the production of various types of different specifications and models of silk products, the origin of the United States, the Netherlands, Japan, the cross section is generally round or flat. Common corrosion resistance is good, cost-effective stainless steel wire is 304 and 316 stainless steel wire.

316 stainless steel wire drawing Draw the wire rod or wire rod from the die hole of the drawing die under the action of drawing force to produce a metal plastic process of a small section of steel wire or non-ferrous metal wire. All kinds of metal and alloy of different cross-sectional shape and size of the wire can be used to pull production. Pull out the wire, the size of the precise, smooth surface, and the use of drawing equipment and die is simple, easy to manufacture.

316 stainless steel wire corrosion resistance is better than 304 stainless steel, in the pulp and paper production process has a good corrosion resistance. And 316 stainless steel wire also resistant to erosion of marine and erosive industrial atmospheres.

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