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310S stainless steel seamless pipe supply in China

310S stainless steel seamless pipe, also known as the 2520 stainless steel tube, commonly known as high temperature stainless steel tube, we all know is high temperature stainless steel tube, that in the end is how much temperature?

From the stainless steel tube manual we found that the theoretical 310S stainless steel tube temperature between 1000 ~ 1200 degrees, can be re-used at a high temperature of 1100 degrees for a long time.

310S stainless steel tube High temperature state:
1) Conventional high temperature Operating temperature: 950 ° C-1100 ° C Good, 1150 ° C to 1200 ° C High temperature starting oxidation (some need to work in protective gas);
2) 1300 ℃ short-term work (must work in the protection of gas)


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