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304H stainless steel seamless pipe


304H stainless steel seamless pipe is a kind of widely used material.

It is with goos corrosion resistance,heat resistance and mechanical properties, it also has good processing and deep drawing performance at room temperature, it can withstand the general corrosion in the building and not in the building and it is resistant to a variety of orianic and inorganic compounds.

The comparison of 304,304L and 304H stainless stell seamless pipe:
Compared with 304 and 304L stainless steel seamless pipe,the main difference is on the carbon content.

304H stainless steel seamless pipe contain high carbon,the world "H" means "high",304L contain low carbon,the world "L" means "low".

The 304 carbon content is within 0.08%,the 304H carbon content is between 0.04-0.1%. The 304L carbon content is within 0.035%. Other basis element is no difference.

304H stainless steel seamless pipe’s features: heat resistant,with good bending, welding process performance,corrosion resistance,high lasting strenght and stable organizational stabilily,good cold deformation capacity. The maximumusing temperature can be 650 degrees Celsius,the highest antioxidant temperature up to 850 degree Celsius.

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