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304 stainless steel tube surface and thickness

sus-304-stainless-steel-pipe-tube sus-304-stainless-steel-pipe-tubes

Life we ​​can see everywhere stainless steel pipe, but they exist in the form is different, whether it is stainless steel staircase handrails, anti-theft window or stainless steel fence or stainless steel door, these decorative stainless steel tube with brushed brightly colored, different The requirements of the different forms of the surface.

Under normal circumstances, the stainless steel tube is bright, but according to the use of different, no polished billet can be sent to do drawing tube, made 120 mesh, 180 mesh, 320 mesh drawing tube. On the other hand some need stainless steel tube surface like a mirror like the brightness, on the fine cast stainless steel tube, made of brightness 4k, 6k, 8k and other brightness different stainless steel light tube. Whether it is stainless steel wire drawing tube or mirror tube, the higher the unit value, the higher the surface brightness. Of course, in some high-end hotels or district and other places will see the color of stainless steel tube, which is the surface of stainless steel tube made of vacuum ion plating color tube, compared to drawing tube and mirror tube prices higher.

Different use, different requirements, the choice of surface treatment is also different.

304 stainless steel tube surface and thickness

Contact with the stainless steel industry was only three years only, and slowly learning stainless steel knowledge at the same time, the hearts also have a question, 304 stainless steel tube why there is a thick outside there is a thick it?

Almost all of the stainless steel pipe manufacturers are doing this, we are all thick, but each thickness is not the same, but only the industry we all know, but many consumers do not know, when others reported to you Thickness is not the actual thickness. Hunan Peng boss for the first time to take the fertile 304 stainless steel tube, I have been to Peng boss stressed that the blessing is the actual thickness. Because they are very clear that many places in the stainless steel market we are still virtual standard, there is a real product into the pre-order will inevitably encounter some problems, but I believe will only get better and better. Peng boss until now has joined the wealthy family almost two years. We always say to be honest, but really honest and trustworthy action from where to start it? Then the real real thick it! 304 stainless steel tube on the real mark is thick, the future will be more and more stainless steel tube is real standard, because this is the practice of honesty and trustworthiness.


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