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304 stainless steel plate prices fluctuating factors

Affect the 304 stainless steel plate offer ups and downs of what? The following is the gold to see the spot network editor to provide you with the relevant impact of 304 stainless steel plate offer ups and downs of what the knowledge of the description:


304 stainless steel plate is widely used in daily life, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, 304 stainless steel plate with no rust characteristics, is widely used in decoration, cabinets, tableware, water heaters and other industries, by the international Lun Nickel, market supply and demand and the impact of steel prices, stainless steel prices are often subject to change.

The impact of stainless steel prices, the current can be from three aspects, one is the cost of stainless steel raw materials prices; Second, the stainless steel market supply and demand; Third, some large enterprises on the indirect control of stainless steel prices.

First of all stainless steel ingredients, that is, stainless steel raw materials

Stainless steel is a high alloy steel that can resist corrosion in air or in chemical corrosive media. His representative steel has 13 chrome steel 1cr17 (430) and 18-chrome nickel Ocr18Ni9, stainless steel raw materials are mainly iron, chromium Cr, nickel NI, the price of these raw materials on the price of stainless steel played a decisive role in raw material prices , Will give the formation of support for the price of stainless steel, and vice versa to form a pressure, or become a driving force.

So pay attention to the stainless steel market, we must pay attention to the global nickel price, especially the LME nickel price movements, but also concerned about the global iron ore, molybdenum price movements and the latest developments, as well as other non-ferrous metals price movements. Investors can use LME, COMEX and the domestic Shanghai Futures Exchange for the first time to understand the latest developments in non-ferrous metals, stainless steel prices forecast. Of course, you can also get more content through the stainless steel trading center platform and its website.


The second is the inventory relationship

Supply and demand has been to guide the price, and inventory is a good response to the current market supply and demand. Oversupply, stainless steel prices fell, inventory backlog. In short supply, prices, inventory is very tense.

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