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304 bar surface rust, and what reason?

Not long ago there is the message that Miss Wang 304 stainless steel bar rust, and then Miss Wang called the phone and asked to return, I analyzed the Secretary and the truth told Miss Wang after listening, Ms. Wang did not return the final. 304 why rust, why is it?

Shenzhen Longgang last year, a customer called a phone call that she bought 304 stainless steel rust, and customers are very angry, and asked to return. Customers call us the first time rushed to the scene.


Found that 304 stainless steel bar really rusty. Miss Wang asked if there is no reasonable argument, she asked to return, I analyzed the 304 stainless steel bar rust for two reasons:

1 Ni Ci content is not enough 2 did not do solution treatment, in general, Ni content of 8%, Ci content of 17% and do solution treatment is to make stainless steel rust better function, if the national standard, 304 stainless steel is not Will rust. In other words, there are very few domestic Ni in the content of Ni can reach 8%.

Made 304 of this way, there is no way. Miss Wang told me the Secretary for analysis, that is, not the exclusion of domestic products, because a penny on the goods, Miss Wang to buy the 304 is the reserve price of the product, rust is within the scope of the imagination.

Shanghai Jin Wei Group, especially to remind our customers, if you buy the 304 rust, and is the national standard, please do not surprise, which is among the common sense. Here, you can also welcome customers to order imported 304 stainless steel!

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