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201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel


01, specifications: commonly used stainless steel is divided into 201 and 304 two models, the actual composition is different, 304 better quality, but the price is expensive, 201 quality difference, but the price is cheap. More than 304 stainless steel before the choice of imported stainless steel, 201 with domestic stainless steel, but with the improvement of domestic production technology, our 304 has been widely used in domestic plate.

02,201 composition of 17Cr-4.5Ni-6Mn-N, is a section Ni steel, 301 steel alternative steel. After cold work with a magnetic, for railway vehicles.

03,304 composition 18Cr-8Ni, is the most widely used stainless steel, heat-resistant steel. Used in food production equipment, past chemical equipment, nuclear energy.

04,201 is a high manganese content, the surface is bright with dark light, high manganese easy to rust. 304 more chromium, the surface showing matte, do not rust.There are two kinds of comparison together. The most important is the different corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance of 201 is poor, so the price will be much cheaper and because the 201 nickel-containing low, so the price is lower than the 304, the corrosion resistance is clearly not as good as 304.

The difference between 05,201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel is the nickel-containing problem. And the price of 304 are generally more expensive, but 304 can guarantee the normal use of the process is not easy to rust. (Available medicine to do experiments)

06, stainless steel is not easy to rust because the surface of the steel body to form chromium-rich oxide (passive film) to protect the steel body, 201 materials are more than 304 high hardness stainless steel, high carbon low nickel.

(C) Silicon (Si) Manganese (Mn) Phosphorus (P) Sulfur (S) Sulfur (S) Chemical composition of steel, AISI (304) ≤0.08 ≤1.00 ≤2.00 ≤0.045 ≤0.03 18-20 8-10 AISI (201) ≤0.15 ≤1.00 5.5-7.5 ≤0.05 (AISI) ≤0.03 16-18 3.5-5.5.

Fatigue resistance, 201 stainless steel hardness larger, toughness than 304, or 304 fatigue resistance better.

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