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1100 aluminum alloy sheet

1100-aluminum-alloy-sheet  1100-aluminum-alloy-sheets

1100 aluminum plate with a series of pure aluminum, its strength is relatively low, with excellent ductility, formability, weldability and corrosion resistance; anodizing can further improve the corrosion resistance, while the beautiful surface; but not heat treatment to strengthen.

Pure aluminum series according to the last two digits to determine the minimum aluminum content of this series, such as 1100 series last two digits for the 00, according to international brand naming principles, aluminum content must reach 99.00% above qualified products. China’s aluminum alloy technical standards (GB / T3880-2006) is also clearly defined 1100 aluminum content reached 99.0%.

1100 aluminum alloy sheet

1100 aluminum strip with the general application of objects, heat sinks, caps, printing plates, building materials, heat exchanger components, can also be used for deep drawing products. Is widely used in various fields from cooking utensils to industrial equipment.

Chemical composition
Aluminum Al: 99.00 Silicon Si: 0.45 Copper Cu: 0.05-0.20 Magnesium Mg: -Zinc Zn: 0.01
Mn: 0.035 Ti Ti: – V: V: 0.05 Iron: 0.35
Note: Single: 0.05.

Mechanical properties
Tensile strength σb (MPa): 110-136.
Elongation δ 10 (%): 3 ~ 5.

Technical standard
Aluminum plate with the national standard (GB / T 3880-2006), for aluminum alloy strip material of a unified standard.

Approximate grade
1100 (L6-1) – International Standard: Al99.0 (ISO); Japan: Al100 / Al00 (JIS); European Standard: EN AW 1100 (EN); France: A45; Canada 990C (CSA); (AA).


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