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Water cutting of stainless steel plate

Water-cutting-of-stainless-steel-plates Water-cutting-of-stainless-steel-plate

Stainless steel plate cutting many ways, and water cutting is one of them, today, we have to talk about the cutting of steel in the water cutting, so that more people know that it exists, more people to understand It, promote the popularization of some knowledge of the steel plate cutting.

Water cutting, in simple terms, is a cutting device that can be used to cut all metal and non-metallic materials, especially those that are difficult to machine. Water cutting incision is very small, and smooth, no thermal phenomena in the cutting process, so water cutting of stainless steel plate in the aviation, stone, construction, decoration and other industries are widely used.

Water cutting of stainless steel plate

1. Water cutting features:

(1) in the cutting process does not produce cracks, the cut thickness of 0.1-1.1mm, if the sand nozzle hole diameter increases, the incision will increase.

(2) cutting process does not produce deformation or micro-cracks, you can get a good edge quality.

(3) After water cutting, no secondary processing is required, so that the processing time can be shortened and the production efficiency can be improved.

(4) in the cutting process can reduce dust, thereby improving the working environment.

(5) high processing technology, can be a full range of cutting, for any shape, angle, can be.

2. Water cutting applications are three, specifically:

(1) cutting non-combustible materials, including marble, tiles, glass, cement products, cutting quality better than the heat cut, because the thermal cutting easy to crack.

(2) cutting flammable materials, including steel, plastic, cloth, polyurethane, wood, leather, rubber and so on. Although it is possible to carry out the thermal cutting, the combustion zone and the burrs are liable to be generated, but if water cutting is used, these problems do not occur, and the physical and mechanical properties of the material are not affected.

(3) cutting flammable and explosive materials, this is the other cutting methods can not be achieved.

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