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types and uses of stainless steel coil tubing

Stainless steel coil tubing, commonly used coil diameter of 0.5 to 20mm, the thickness of 0.1 to 2.0mm disc or mosquito coils installed elbow; widely used in chemical, mechanical, electronics, electricity, textiles, Food, medical equipment, aviation, aerospace, communications, oil and other industrial fields.

The type of stainless steel coil tubing
Type: stainless steel industrial pipe, long coil, U-tube, pressure pipe, heat transfer tube, fluid pipe, spiral coil.


Main features: high temperature steam, impact corrosion, resistance to ammonia corrosion; anti-scaling, not easy to stain, anti-oxidation corrosion; long life, reduce maintenance time, cost savings.

The use ofstainless steel coil tubing
Industrialstainless steel coil tubing: for heat exchangers, boilers, petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, nuclear and so on.

types and uses ofstainless steel coils tubing

Fluidstainless steel coil tubing: for beverages, beer, milk, water supply systems, medical equipment.

Mechanical structure withstainless steel coil tubing: for printing and dyeing, printing, textile machinery, medical equipment, kitchen equipment, automotive and marine accessories, construction and decoration.

Stainless steel bright coil tubing: from the stainless steel with a good welding and then reduce the wall from thick to thin, this process can make the wall thickness uniform, smooth, and the process of reducing the wall of the wall to fully expand the weld. And finally reached the naked eye can not see the seamless effect of the weld, but the process is determined to be welded pipe.


The process of reducing the wall with the bright annealing, so that the inner and outer walls will not form a black scale, so the inner and outer walls bright, beautiful, especially in the size of the factory control, because it is produced by the steel, follow-up may also be multi-channel Pull, so the wall thickness of the factory can control to ± 0.05mm, while the outside diameter can be controlled to ± 0.02mm, which is ordinary stainless steel pipe can not achieve the accuracy. And this is the control of the accuracy of ordinary coil, if the precision coil, the accuracy will be higher.

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