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Titanium tube and stainless steel pipe production line where the difference

1, material performance

(1)(Strength and weight ratio) is very high in the metal structure material, the strength and iron plate quite, but the weight is only 57% of the stainless steel pipe;

(2) heat and low temperature performance, 500 ℃ in the atmosphere will maintain good strength and stability. And has good resistance to low temperature performance, even at -250 ℃ low temperature, it has a higher impact strength, can withstand high pressure anti-vibration;

(3) low chlorine potential, over-potential is small, 2000A / m2 current density of chlorine discharge potential is not greater than 1.12V, over-potential is less than 20mv;

(4) the polarizability is less than 30mv / 10 unit current density;

(5) to enhance the long life of 0.5NH2SO4,1A / cm2 current density, life is greater than 1500 minutes;

(6) Another notable feature is the strong corrosion resistance, because of its affinity for oxygen is very large, in its surface to generate a layer of dense oxide film, can protect the titanium from the media corrosion, with good stability , Than the existing stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals are good corrosion resistance.


2, the use of the field

The scope of application and the field is very wide, the current industrial titanium tube not only in the aerospace, aviation industry has a very important application, and has been in the chemical industry, oil, light industry, power generation and many other industrial sectors widely used. With the continuous progress of China’s equipment manufacturing technology, titanium equipment and materials applications will continue to expand.

3, the price

Titanium tube prices are at least 15 times the price of stainless steel tube.


4, quality requirements

Titanium tube must be treated by light solution, and the accuracy requirements of the pipe and weld quality requirements are higher than the stainless steel tube.

Integrated titanium tube of these particularity, so the titanium tube production line and the difference between the production line of stainless steel:

1, the production line arrangement is different, the processing precision is high;

2, titanium tube mold design principles and stainless steel tube mold is completely different, the mold used by the material is also different;

3, titanium steel special material, so with the welding characteristics of stainless steel is different, must use a special welding method to ensure the quality of the weld;

4, titanium tube production line of high degree of automation to ensure that the production rate of titanium tube production to reduce the man-made operation to bring the mistakes;

5, titanium tube production line needs online detection system and fault alarm system

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