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the price of color steel plate from the Chinese suppliers

Color steel plate products are manufacturers in the continuous production line into a roll production, it is also known as color coated steel coil. Color steel plate not only has high mechanical strength of steel, easy to shape the performance, but also both good decorative coating materials and corrosion resistance.


Color steel plate, but today the world respected the new material Yo. With the progress of science and technology, environmental awareness, the improvement of people’s living standards, color steel room more and more show a strong vitality and broad market prospects, by the construction, home appliances, electrical and mechanical, transportation, interior decoration, office equipment As well as other industries.

Color steel plate activity room with light, high strength, thermal insulation, beautiful and durable, etc., is the construction and decoration of the integration of high-level construction and quick. Color steel plate activities, clean construction, widely used in large span plant, warehouse, office buildings, villas, roof plus layer, air purification room, cold storage, shops, kiosks and temporary space.

What are the specifications of the color steel plate?

In general, the color steel plate specifications are the following types: 470, 600, 760, 820, 840, 900, 950, 870, 980, 1000, 1150, 1200, Its conventional color for the sea blue, gray, crimson, other colors are required to order.

Color steel plate sandwich panels up and down for the color coated plate, the middle of the foam, rock wool, glass wool cotton, polyurethane, etc., the use of imported combination of glue processing together. The material used is color coated steel roll / color coated steel plate, foam, rock wool, polyurethane and so on. Color coated steel plate specifications are 0.18-1.2 (mm) thick, sandwich 50-200 (mm).

Color steel plate has a different thickness of different prices, different steel manufacturers, the price is different, Xiao Bian for everyone to collect the price is: single layer of the general 80 yuan a square, double (middle folder foam insulation) of 110 -120 yuan a square, this figure we can do the next reference.


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