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Standard Industrial Aluminum Plate Stretching Net

First of all, we need to understand the basic understanding of some basic knowledge, that would have a great help on their own drop! Aluminum network can be said to upgrade the low-carbon network version of it! He has all the advantages of low-carbon network, but also have their own personality charm.


Ventilation: Hole-like structure has good ventilation, can withstand 12 typhoons.

Beautiful: because of his corrosion and anti-aging, so his surface is very bright, with a strong ornamental.

Light weight: the density is relatively small, the weight is relatively light, the construction is more convenient.

Corrosion resistance: good corrosion resistance, can effectively extend the use of the number of life.

Strength: can be used for a long time and will not be deformed and damaged.

standard industrial aluminum plate stretching net


Aluminum plate stretching net is a relatively corrosion-resistant, relatively light weight of a product, and the most important thing is to be able to antioxidant, the surface is also relatively bright and beautiful, ventilation and light transmission are better.In recent years, aluminum The use of the net in the outdoor decoration has increased significantly, mainly used in the metal wall and decorated long, with good ornamental.

Choose aluminum mesh network can be selected according to the function of aluminum mesh, the greater the function will be greater, in the actual use will be better, so fluorocarbon spraying aluminum network in the construction will have a better effect, so that the construction The process is more secure, but also has a beautiful, solid aluminum network can be used in any environment, there will be no deformation and decolorization, so that the product better performance, aluminum mesh function a lot, in actual use will be more helpful.

Aluminum mesh use a wide range, in many areas will be used, like this product has become the most needed products nowadays, to give different needs, aluminum mesh has a high plasticity, but also a favorite product designer , By a lot of elements into the aluminum network, you can create different styles of aluminum mesh, in the actual use will be more useful, it will show a lot of different types of aluminum mesh.

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