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Stainless steel words and titanium gold words

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Nowadays, there are many kinds of advertisement words on the market,Titanium and stainless steel are very common types.

Titanium gold words can be divided into two kinds, one is made of metal forming different kinds of words, and then through the baking process, titanium, titanium advertising words of different colors form processing. Another is the use of titanium plate directly from the production of titanium gold. Conventional colors are gold, white, black, etc..

Characteristic of titanium gold words:
1)Metal texture, with a solemn, high-grade feeling
2)Have a strong sense of three-dimensional
3)The weather is good, the same color in the outdoors for years, and The brightness dazzles the eyes.

Application of titanium gold words: it has been widely applied in all walks of life, so in the future market of titanium will replace the copper words into metal advertising words on the market the main products.

Stainless steel words is with stainless steel as the main material, through cutting, grinding, polishing, wrapping technology and made logo. A wide variety of stainless steel words, the common drawing word, mirror word, sandblasting characters, gold foil, etc..

Stainless steel words and titanium gold words

1.Brushed stainless steel word production is adopted in drawing board, after laser cutting or cutting edge water after NC welding, polishing and wrapping. Its surface has a unique brushed metal texture.

2.Mirror stainless steel is used in the production of mirror panels,made after cutting and wrapping.It is characterized by the words of the surface with a mirror like effect, lively and vivid, very attractive.

3.Gold plated stainless steel foil word and the production is made of ordinary steel plate, forming, and then after the gilding process, so that it has a golden solemn and elegant.

4.The word is used for sand blasting stainless steel sand blasting process, powered by compressed air, forming a high-speed jet beam spraying material (copper sand, quartz sand, corundum, sand and sand) high speed jet to the stainless steel surface, the outer surface of the appearance or shape of stainless steel surface due to the abrasive impact and cutting action. Cleanliness and some make it different from the surface.


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