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Stainless steel wire suppliers

Stainless steel wire use the matters needing attention:

Jawaysteel stainless steel wire products are widely used, the goods reach the brush, spring, fishing gear, netting, medical equipment, steel, clean ball, hangers and oil, chemical industry, building, etc.

In the part of the professional process of stainless steel wire apply, if the job frequently attack speed change sharply, will form the impact load.Each shock, though only instantaneous load, implied a great deal of harm.Shock load beyond wire promised job stress can produce crack surface.Even if the impact load is not necessarily cause cracking of steel wire, but repeated shocks, will shorten the use of steel wire severe life spans.Wire about has been used for a long time, compared with the new, because of a smaller scale impact resistance will be lower.

Operating speed:

The lower the operating speed of stainless steel wire, the less damage.With the acceleration of operating speed damage added accordingly.Therefore, we should prevent sharp change in the operation speed, prevent suddenly and violently loading and brakes violently, so can cut down the damage of steel wire.In middle operation speed under the maximum load operation compared with operation under medium load operation at high speed, wire stature is much longer.

Else, stainless steel wire should be try to not touch water and the wet sand.Should be as much as possible in a dry environment.Under the condition of simple rust introduce use galvanized steel wire

Commodity standards: 0.1-14 mm diameter: 0.1-14 mm
Execution standard: Chinese standard, American standard, Japanese standard, etc
Appearance status: smooth surface, fog etc.
Tolerance: ±0.02 mm, if have special requirements to indicate
Status: soft, hard, hard state soft state in the light

Stainless steel wire suppliers

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