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Stainless steel strip supplier in stock

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Volume of the supply of thin steel, also known as strip. Sub-hot-rolled, cold-rolled, but also ordinary steel and high-quality steel strip.

Stainless steel with more types! Wide use! Are: 304 stainless steel strip, 301 stainless steel strip, 302 stainless steel strip, 303 stainless steel strip, 316 stainless steel strip, 430 stainless steel strip, such as iron belt! Thickness: 0.02mm-4mm, width: 3.5mm-1550mm, you can do non-calibration!

Cold-Rolled Silicon Steel Strip

Grain-oriented silicon steel strip, also known as cold-rolled silicon steel strip for the telecommunications industry, is used to manufacture a variety of power frequency transformers, pulse transformers, magnetic amplifiers, converters and other cores with a grain-oriented structure thickness above 400Hz. More than 0.20mm of silicon steel strip.

To heat treatment (annealing, normalizing, normalizing tempering, high temperature tempering) state delivery. Strip in the performance of the standard requirements under the conditions, can be delivered without heat treatment. Ordinary drawing grade steel strip allows delivery without heat treatment. Cold-rolled strip to heat treatment (annealing, normalizing, normalizing tempering) state of delivery, should be smooth delivery.

Usage: Widely used in the automotive industry, aviation industry and other sectors, the use of large.

Cold-rolled steel strip for deep drawing is a low-carbon high-quality carbon structural steel cold-rolled steel strip for deep drawing complex drawing parts. The surface of the steel strip shall be roughened or shiny.

Delivery status: In this case,subject to heat treatment and smooth delivery.

Usage: In the automotive, tractors and other industrial applications.


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