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Stainless steel spring wire for manufacturers

Stainless-steel-spring-wire  Stainless-steel-spring-wires

Standard Specification for stainless steel Spring wire is YB (T) 11-83 metallurgy; stainless steel spring wire standard GBT_24588-2009. The application of design and production of stainless steel spring wire widely used in Spray with a spring, high temperature, battery welding, stainless steel pressure spring, tension spring, torsion spring, high strength spring, spring spring with high fatigue, no medical, magnetic spring, spring weaving.

Stainless steel spring wire is often used in daily life, then it is how to make it? The following set by the spring as a manufacturer to tell you about:

Stainless steel spring wire for manufacturers

First of all stainless steel springs should be immersed in the detergent diluted with water, of course, where the cleaning agent is a special cleaning metal cleaning agent, but also with the water dilution ratio, soaking time should not be too long, remove the time must use Clean water, so that the surface of stainless steel spring will have the effect of Matt.In ultrasonic equipment, cleaning agent and water ratio, to clean the surface of the spring oil, non-oxide skin to restore the metal color is appropriate, remove the wash with water, so that the stainless steel spring can achieve matte effect. Or in the cleaning agent into the coarse abrasive, vibration vibration polisher or hexagonal drum, grinding and polishing after washing with water, the spring surface scratches will be gone.

In the stainless steel cleaning when the need to pay attention to is to be careful not to scratch the surface, do not use bleach ingredients or abrasives containing washing liquid, do not use steel balls or abrasive cleaning tools, in order to get rid of washing liquid, washing the end, Wash the surface with clean water. Dust and easy to remove with soap, weak lotion or warm water washing; label and foil to use warm water or weak lotion to clean.


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