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What is stainless steel edging

In general, the materials selected for stainless steel edging are nothing more than two kinds, one is the finished profile, the large showcase factory has complete materials, and the variety of finished products is often able to be stainless edging according to the finished profile, so the production is relatively fast.
The other is self-made profiles. The well-built and strict process manufacturers can often produce unique self-made profiles according to the production cycle. This can also be done according to the needs of customers and the ease of implementation of the actual process. Design and manufacturing.
The common showcases in our daily life include baseboard stainless steel, glass cover stainless steel, counter frame stainless steel, etc. The seemingly easy structure is extremely meticulous and exquisite.


Because we can often judge the quality of a showcase manufacturer according to the details of the stainless steel edging, if the edging details are handled in a rough manner, it not only affects the visual appearance of the showcase, but also the maintenance of the showcase.


At present, the side of the showcase on the market can basically not affect the overall aesthetics and structural safety, but for some details that involve partial beauty, there are not many considerations.


As the saying goes, “People rely on a face, the tree depends on a piece of skin”, and strive to improve the details in order to have a place in the fiercely competitive market.


In addition, the edging angle is also a detail problem that cannot be ignored. It can often reflect the level of craftsmanship of a factory. Because the details of the edging are done, it is equivalent to the overall showcase project.


To create a perfect high-end stainless steel jewellery showcase, the edging details must not be overlooked.

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