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Stainless steel composite plate


Stainless steel composite plate is a combination of stainless steel and other steel through a certain way into a whole, is a stainless steel and other materials at the same time have their own advantages, not only reducing production costs, but also to meet the actual needs Of new materials, because of these outstanding features, it can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, desalination, salt, nuclear industry, food industry, water conservancy facilities and other industries

The heat treatment of the stainless steel composite plate is also a key link in the whole composite plate production process. After the explosive welding, the strength, hardness and plasticity of the composite steel plate are reduced, which is disadvantageous to the straighteningening and application Requirements.

The heat treatment process is actually to eliminate the internal stress after explosive compound, improve plasticity. However, due to the general stainless steel has its own solution treatment system, inevitably with carbon steel heat treatment system in conflict.

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