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Stainless steel cold rolled coil market prices

August 22, the black futures fell overnight, the agency that this is the market for the recent policy continued to cool the black product of a reasonable reflection. From the industry’s profit trend in terms of.

Determine the core of the industry boom is still the relationship between supply and demand. The the steel cold coil industry in the second half of the supply and demand tight balance pattern of the same environment, the volatility of steel prices is more for the market sentiment, for corporate profits does not constitute a substantial impact.

Founder Securities in the previous report, “the industry profitability high probability of large, and the peak of the signal is far from the emergence of macroeconomic expectations are still more optimistic.”

As long as the market does not occur in the trend of a substantial decline, even if the middle of the emotional disturbance, stainless steel cold rolled coil plate as a whole will remain in the upward state, down the inflection point still does not appear.

This year in the macroeconomic operation is flat, steel stocks in the case of low, the demand for stainless steel CRC is more dependent on the seasonal.

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