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Q345GNHL weather resistant steel coil


Q345GNHL weather resistant steel coil is a kind of steel that is widely used for making container.

The chemical composition for Q345GNHL steel weather resistant steel coil:
C:0.12~0.21, Si:0.2~2.0, Mn:0.7~2.0, S< 0.036, P < 0.034, Cu:0.10~0.40, Al<0.2 for the rest of the Fe and trace impurities. By adding alloying of Cu, Mn, Si, Al, and simple adjustment of plain low carbon steel parts of elements, does not need to be changed under the condition of the producing process, can produce the economical weathering steel with good atmospheric corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.

By adding a small amount of copper, nickel and other corrosion element, Q345GNHL weather resistant steel coil is with high-quality steel toughness, plastic delay, molding, welding, corrosion, high temperature, fatigue and other characteristics; weather resistance is 8 times than normal steel, it can be used after thinning, bare or simplifying coating. The steel is with rust resistant, make component corrosion life extension and thinning saving, labor saving characteristics, causes the component manufacturing, users benefit.

The common materials for the weather resistant steel coil: Q310GNH Q500NH Q415NH Q295GNHL Q310GNHLJ 05CuPCrNi Q265GNH Q550NH, q400nqr1, 09CuPCrNi-B Q355NH Q355GNH Q295NH Q235NH Q345GNHL weather resistant steel coil, SPA-H, B480GNQR SMA400AW HSA355W2 S355WP SMA400BW SMA490CW S355K2WP HSA355W1 S235J2W S235J0W S355W S415W SMA400CW SMA490BW Q460NH S355J0W SMA490AW HSA235W S235W S460W S355J2W 610l etc.

In China, the weather resistant steel products are mainly used in the field of railway vehicles, containers, bridges, buildings, construction machinery, coal mine machinery and other large exposure to the atmosphere or under special conditions due to corrosion caused by equipment, shorten the service life of the economic losses, or due to corrosion caused by the failure of a major accident, therefore, the demand of weathering steel in these area will increase, but because of the good mechanical properties, formability, weldability and low-temperature toughness of the foundation, also has good corrosion resistance of weathering steel structure caused by the high cost, so the development of economy with weathering structural steel with low cost and has good market prospects and market competitiveness.


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