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stainless steel 317L hot and cold plate supply

Posted on 周二, 02 5月 2017 08:24:27 +0000

Jawaysteel company is operating wholesale, retail TISCO 310S, 309S, 316L, 321,304 and other materials of stainless steel, the main 310S, 309S heat-resistant stainless steel, TISCO is an agent, has the absolute advantage of the price, large The company is also operating the usual specifications o...

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420 stainless steel hot and cold rolled strip

Posted on 周五, 28 4月 2017 05:49:25 +0000

420 stainless steel cold rolled strip ① "stainless steel belt / coil" as raw material, at room temperature by cold rolling mill into a material. Conventional thickness <0.1mm ~ 3mm>, width <100mm ~ 2000mm>; ② "cold rolled steel strip / coil" with a smooth surfac...

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304F stainless steel and 303F stainless steel contrast

Posted on 周四, 27 4月 2017 05:48:39 +0000

303F stainless steel Name: 303F stainless steel rod, 304 stainless steel polished rod, 316 stainless steel black stick. 303 stainless steel is austenitic type easy to cut stainless steel wear-resistant acid steel, in order to improve the performance of the steel can be added in the steel not more...

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characteristics of stainless steel 321 pipe

Posted on 周三, 26 4月 2017 03:50:19 +0000

What is the characteristic of stainless steel pipe 321 ? The following is for you to provide the relevant characteristics of stainless steel 321 What is the description of what: Stainless steel pipe 321 used in the manufacture of wear-resistant acid containers and wear-resistant equipment lining...

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Color coated aluminum coil supplier – JawaySteel

Posted on 周二, 25 4月 2017 03:24:49 +0000

Color coated aluminum coil is a special coating on the surface of the aluminum plate coloring treatment, due to aluminum gold performance is very stable, not easy to corrosion, surface after special treatment (fluorocarbon coating) can guarantee at least 30 years without fading, and because of th...

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309S Steel Square Hollow Box With Best Quality

Posted on 周一, 24 4月 2017 05:47:34 +0000

309S Steel Square Hollow Box is a kind of structural alloy steel, which is also stainless steel. 309S seamless steel tube is a common item. But for cross-country race with roll frameof the steel frame, 309S material is the best choice, on the premise of guarantee equal or even higher strength, ...

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303 and 304 stainless steel the main difference

Posted on 周五, 21 4月 2017 06:59:23 +0000

1,303 stainless steel is easy to cut, mainly for the main requirements of easy cutting and surface finish high occasions; 304 stainless steel is a versatile stainless steel, it is widely used in the production of good overall performance requirements (corrosion resistance and forming) equipment ...

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303 stainless steel processing performance

Posted on 周四, 20 4月 2017 05:38:44 +0000

Welding: Although the cutting grade is not recommended to do welding processing, but also can be welded, but a little difficult. The alloy 303 may be welded to the electrode 310 of the alloy and should be annealed after welding to dissolve the precipitated carbides, thereby increasing the resist...

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the price of the 304 stainless steel strip

Posted on 周三, 19 4月 2017 07:05:42 +0000

304 stainless steel strip a versatile stainless steel material, anti-rust performance than the 200 series of stainless steel materials to be strong. High temperature is also better, can be high to 1000-1200 degrees. 304 stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance and good resistance to int...

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304 stainless steel coil – the most widely used steel

Posted on 周二, 18 4月 2017 08:53:52 +0000

It is well known that the 304 stainless steel coil has excellent corrosion resistance and good resistance to intergranular corrosion. Currently on the market is the most widely used 304 stainless steel coil. Stainless steel belt is the supply of thin steel plate, also known as strip. Hot-rolle...

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thermal conductivity of 316L sanitary stainless steel tube

Posted on 周一, 17 4月 2017 07:08:22 +0000

With the 316L sanitary grade stainless steel tube alloying elements and impurity content increases, the thermal conductivity is almost no exception to be reduced. The thermal conductivity of carbon steel is generally λ0 = 40.8 ~ 60.5W / m * K at zero degrees C, alloy steel λ0 = 15.1 ~ 40.8W / m *...

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2205 and 316L stainless steel pipe purchase standard

Posted on 周五, 14 4月 2017 06:33:50 +0000

2205 stainless steel tube and 316L stainless steel pipe purchase, the researchers found that the steel in the Cr and Cu superposition effect, can further enhance the Cr on the passivation of the film and the corrosion of steel again after passivation. Based on this finding, JFE’s TOMOHIROI...

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